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The universal field

If the concept of a universe composed of individual particles acting on each other in an otherwise unsubstantial field, has failed to explain satisfactorily the natural phenomena presented by light and matter in the world around us, is because I believe that theory evolved from assumptions that were not reflecting Nature actual reality. In imagining atoms being constituted by particles and particles constituted by other particles, we will reach a limit defining an ultimate spec of something floating into an empty space, the substance of this speck representing what constitutes the fabric of the matter in the Universe. The Ether was once envisioned to be a substance similar to air or water that under the action of energy would react with spherical waves of compression and rarefaction, (like sound waves, for instance) following the physical laws evolved from the mechanical point of view of classical physics. The idea of substantial Ether lost its credibility when it became evident through the experiments of Faraday that the phenomenon of electromagnetism could not be interpreted to be a system of waves generated into a medium possessing the physical properties of air or water. In a now famous experiment, Michelson and Morley found that the speed of light was not affected by the relative movement of its source through a hypothetical medium. This discovery was making it impossible to establish the absolute motion of an object with respect to the ether cardinal axis and raised doubts about the possibility of its existence. Another problem with the concept of ether, was that to explain certain observed light phenomena, the waves generated within the medium had to be of the transverse type. In order to generate the observed light phenomena waves with these characteristics could only be produced in the material world by a substantial medium with a rigidity greater then iron. An Ether with properties similar to those possessed by the natural elements could not exist. But then why could not the Ether exist with its own laws and properties, as a separat substance that by itself alone constitutes the Universe and is able to produce those phenomena that our mind interprets as matter? If the idea of a field of forces as conceived by Faraday was satisfactorily used to explain the electromagnetic phenomena, why couldn't we believe that some substance intrinsic to that same field actually exists and is representing in itself the only stuff composing the universe? 

Since the early thinking on this subject matter was conceived to be made of small particles that could be subdivided again and again until we would reach an indivisible spec, being in itself the fundamental unit of a universal substance. But why if what we had considered to be particles did not exist in themselves, but were representing instead localized pocket of energy acting in the field's substance? What we will call the Field is actually, the substance composing the Universe and the Universe is all there is as substance, the only other measurable entity being the energy acting into it (recalling Aristotle and DeCartes?).

 On this hypothesis a new atomic model can be constructed where energy having in itself no substance is localizing in the field in pockets of a certain spherical size, the size being in a direct proportion with the amount of the energy acting in it and representing in a space time relationship induced variations in the intensity of the field at rest.

The energy identifying itself volumetrically in space in spherical pockets must be endowed with the mechanical dynamics properties necessary to produce disturbances in the substance of the field. These disturbances will radiate from the pocket in a wavelike fashion reflecting the acquired particular space-time characteristics. I will from now on call sources, these spherical pockets acting on each other at a distance through the substance of the field, and when colliding with each other, originating physical phenomena similar to those observed in the experiments with particles accelerators and cloud chambers.

The regularity and precision of the events observed in the physical world unequivocally tell us the existence of universal laws governing them. The field and the energy in it must be organized in a manner that reveals to our senses a world that we can observe and recognize. In order for our hypothesis to be valid, certain laws pertaining to the field must exist, regulating the intensity level and the distribution of the sources of energy through it. One law must establish that the energy of the field at rest must remain at a constant value, any increase or decrease in its intensity created in it by the action of energy must be instantly shed, through the action of the waves generated within it. The waves will be emitted in a rectilinear spyral configuration, destrose or snistrose in caracter and a constant velocity. (see drawings) The only possible velocity through the medium of the field at rest must be the constant velocity that we have measured for the electromagnetic waves, when radiating in an empty space. The amount of energy localized in a source must characterize a mass and a spherical volume that can only assume certain particular established values.
(see chapt. 14)

If sources collide with others or become suddenly energized, as in certain experiments with the particle accelerator, they will split into a number of sources at
a space-time classical configuration.

 I will describe this model through diagrammatic sketches illustrating a four dimensional world with three absolute cardinal axises and a dimension in time. The diagrammatic sketches that I am submitting will only be of help in visualizing the model as I describe it, since due to the enormous difference in relative size of the occurring events we cannot apply  a scale of a  particular size, the sum of their energy values being equal to the total original amount involved in the collision. The sources will appear always in a definite spherical volume proportional in size to the energy contained in them while all the laws of conservation of energy previously  (see chapter 14) defined will be observed.

The size, the properties and the half life span of each source characterize each type observed, all being in a function of the amount of the energy of action involved. Nothing can be added or detracted from one without transforming it in a source of a different kind, each exhibiting their distinguishing physical properties in energy and size. In the new atomic model now proposed we will describe the source's mechanical dynamics exerted on each other through the action of the waves generated in  to them . When I will talk of energy, I will use the electron-volt "eV" as a measuring unit. One electron-volt of energy, represents the energy acquired by an electron in a potential differential of one Volt. In measuring the amount of intensity contained in a disturbance created in the field through the source mechanical dynamics, I will also use electron-volt units, since the amount of intensity in an impulse will always have to be proportional to the energy that originated it; one being equivalent in value to the other. I understand the intensity level of the field at rest to be of constant value. To indicate intensities above and below that level we will have to use values of energy expressed in eV of a positive or negative character, depending if they are above or below the energy of the field at rest. When Electron-Volt units will be used in a negative way, they will represent level of intensity of equivalent energy value, but below the energy at rest of the field, or below the constant value of the field, representing a depression in its intensity. We must try to understand first what is the intensity of the field at one time and what is meant when we attribute a certain value to it. If the field can acquire under the influence of energy different values of intensity, it means that this intensity represents different aspects in the structure of its substance. The field than must be made of particles or grains of energy whose number per unit of space represent the intensity of the field at that point. An increase in the number of grains indicates an increase in energy above the field at rest; a decrease in value indicates a drop in intensity. This statement asks therefore for the existence of an infinitesimal grain in the structural substance of the field, the dimension of which when established will have finally reached the indivisible spec of substance conceived by the Greek philosophers. What we have called energy is an entity that has the power to localize in spherical volumes and within them dynamically act on the individual grains constituting the field.

I imagine a field substance which, in a similarity with the original description of the Ether, is composed of infinitesimal specs acting on each other; this time though, the action exercised between these infinitesimal parts is occurring only in the direction of their velocity vectors. Waves generated this way must possess linear trajectories and must proceed at the velocity of light. Instead of particles constituted of specs of something acting in a vacuum, we will have a whole universal field of something. The Universe must become the body on which everything else is written, a living thing like an ocean with ever-changing currents and waves, designing on its canvas a world that miraculously men have come to perceive.

In order to answer certain questions posed by the quantum theory interpretation of the universal substance, it was necessary to recognize a certain field of forces that was named the Higgs field after the scientist that theorized its existence. The Higgs field comprehends the entire universe, while the Higgs particles appear and disappear, their presence necessary to resolve the quantum interpretation of particle physics.

 In our new hypothesis we can accept the existence of the Higgs field, with the understanding that it represents in itself the substance constituting the Universe, while the Higgs particles represent the sources of energy localizing in it. In mechanically shifting the field grains in more or less concentrated form above its natural level or rarefying them below it, the source will generate radiating waves that we will call intensity impulses. In order to explain the physical behavior experimentally observed in nature, we must assume the presence of another type of wave generated by the source as the result of its implosions, representing the shifts occurring in the intensity of the field in order to reestablish its balance at rest level. I will call this shifting effects always characterized by a depression, implosion waves.

As I stated before , one thing impending on todays scentific thinking was the interpretation reguarding the existence of a substantial Ether involved in an interpretation of the electromagntic phenomena. According to the Quantum theory nothing would exist between the particles of a supposed Universal Field. With this thought though we are stopped to a halt. After all we need someting to create those electromagnetic waves that the Universe appears full of. Even to Einstein and most other scientists of the time that seemed to be necessary. If the Universal Field Is not zero, than what aspect is it supposed to have? In looking at our Universe through a telescope it can appear to us in different ways. In some spots, between galaxies, no matter is seen, but light is,meaning that some kind of ether is there. In other parts, unending galaxies proclaim a Universal Field of solid matter sharing with an Ether that in the past was supposed to be the only possible one in existance. If electromagnetic waves exist it means that something able of compression and depression exists (Definitely therefore something made out of parts). Wherever electromagnetic waves exist an Etheral Field must exist in order for their creation.

I propose that the Field must be composed by a cloud of infinitesimal particles moving in every direction at light speed (In a way symilar to a gas formation). We are already aware of infinitesimal particles, some considered essential in the formation of Atoms by today science. These known particles are; Nutrinos,Quarks,Photons and others, eaven Electrons forming a group of particles very hard to detect but most of them already individuated that can play the part of infinitesimal particles activating the Ether, their energetical value being,when at complete rest, in my vew that of the Plank constant. These particles could indeed be concentrated in the Galactic center to form atoms of matter. This would make the Universal field what we think to be the only substantial object in all the Cosmos.

If we discard the original hypothesis of a universal substance constituted by particles acting on each other through other particles in a complete void, we will have to accept as the only essence of the universe the substance of the field in which energy localizes and act generating movements in its infinitesimal particles. We cannot describe now the Universe as an infinity of nothing populated by an undefinable number of particles, each possessing in themselves characteristics of mass and charge.

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