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Interpretation of the field substance - Dark matter

I assigned to the field at rest a constant intensity, with the understanding that under the action of an energy source that value can positively or negatively change, in selective places. The intensity change is in a direct function of the energy that produced it and therefore can be measured in electron-volts. We are suggesting here a hypothetical interpretation of the dynamic properties that can be attributed to the universal field. The Universal field must be composed of a number of particles. I suggest that these infinitesimal particles can be envisioned to be acting in a similarity with gas molecules, forever in motion in a spherical domain limited in space by an average radius of 10-53m or 10-38GeV-1 and therefore a volume of l0-114 GeV-3. These particles can be aggregated in the field throu the dynamic action of energy into a source possessing a spherical volume much smaller than one GeV-3. While in each particle the energy of action Eit remains constant at 10-114 x h, the domains now confining them have a volume much smaller in size with proportionally grater intensity value. The volume Vi of a field infinitesimal particle domain is equal to:

 Vi = 4.188 x 10-114GeV-3 When the field is at rest one GeV-3 must contain 10114 particles with a comprehensive energy equal the Planck constant h. Under the energetic force localized in the field the volume of the domain can be restricted within a sphere limiting the volume of each source. (See chapter 7). One Neutron source with an energy of one GeV and a volume approximately equal to 10-69 m3 or 10-24 GeV-3 must have 10114 particles restricted in a spherical domain 1024 times smaller than when a part of the field at rest The number of field grains acting in a source's volume must represent Et,, its energy of action and its mass value. If: as we assumed, the field infinitesimal particles collide repelling each other, two interfering electromagnetic waves of equal phase and frequency will cancel. Two waves with equal frequency but opposite in phase will increase their energetic value. ( see Drawing )

Waves of similar intensity and wavelength, will in a repetitive process increase or cancel each other, producing the light

Electromagnetic intensity vanishes

(see drawing)

Electromagnetic intensity increases

(see drawing)

phenomenon known as interference. If one of the field particles is dislodged under the dynamic action of energy, the intensity value at that point becomes equal to zero; since one of the surrounding number ofpartic1es will rush-in to fill the vacant space, the empty spot can be understood to possess a negative energy of action value equal -(10-114 x h).

Dark matter

Astronomers observing the motion of stars in our Milky Way and in other galaxies carne to the conclusion that, in order to explain the observed cosmic phenomena, it was necessary to recognize the existence in our universe of a greater amount of matter than the calculated sum of the mass of all the stars known to exist in the universe even including all the invisible bodies represented by dwarf stars planets and black-holes.

The gravitational pull exerted within each galaxy by all the known accountable gravity sources combined represents only about 10 percent of the force that is needed to explain the movements of the observed galaxies and stars. In order to account for the anomalies, an invisible mass of enormous proportions must exist in the universe invsiible to us

According to the proposed new hypothesis, when the particles of the field are under the influence of energy aggregate to form a proton, a spherical volume of the field of radius equal to one GeV-3 must be contracted into a spherical body of radius equal to l0-23 m or 10-8 GeV-1 . I call VG the spherical volume of field substance equal to 1 GeV-3, VP the volume of a Neutron source.

VG = 1 GeV-3    Et = h    

VN = 12 x10-24 GeV-3

An implosion wave generated by the contraction of the field particles into a neutron source must generate an implosion wave of a volume 1024 times larger than a neutron particle can produce in his creation. If new particles are continuously created in the center of each galaxy, each new nuclear source will at that instant generate an implosion wave 1024 times stronger than a neutron, a condition that could explain the additional gravitation observed that was attributed to the action of dark matter. If a mass equal to the sun created by the implosion of the field particles must generate at that instant a gravitational force 1024 times stronger than generated by the sun, that process could explain the gravitational pull now being attributed to dark matter. 

The additional matter created in the galaxies will add matter to the Universe and will augment its gravity. This will lead to contraction. However, astronomers have noticed that at this time the Universe is expanding and therefore it must go through different phases. A hypothesis can be made that since the universe is building matter in the galaxies, the Black Holes will be swollowing matter and returning it to the Universal field. This will produce the opposite effect of gravity causing, instead of contraction, an expansion. This would be a phase where the Black Holes are overwhelming the creation of matter.

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