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Many scientists including Einstein warned against using our unreliable common sense in trying to resolve physical problems. It is instead my understanding that if something does not make sense (common or not) that concept should be discarded. In the hypothesis accepted by the science of Particle Physics, matter must be constituted by specs of energy acting on each other in a complete void representing in their entity all that we conceive to exist in this universe. This hypothesis, being the foundation on which modern science evolved, its understanding of the physical world, is leading us in an incomprehensible alien path, oft dimensional strings, multiple universes and worm-holes. The new hypothesis that I am proposing also recognizes matter as energy, but acting this time within a substantial field that is in itself the universal cosmic entity and canvas.

 If we accept the new hypothesis, the inconsistencies encountered in the science of particle physics can be resolved and we can follow with a classical understanding, established in a four dimensional space-time conception.

 In the Standard Atomic Model as well as in the revised model that I am now proposing, the substance of matter is measured as energy, so that we can, in our calculations use the mathematical system devised by Max Planck known as Natural Units. In the Particle Physics theory, substantial particles possess values of energy and electrical charge. These particles are considered to be in a complete void and are acting on each other at a distance through other specs of energy called virtual particles. This concept does not agree with Einstein’s theory of relativity because it assumes that the virtual particles theorized must act on each other at a velocity greater than the speed of llight.

 In developing the new hypothesis I substitute to that concept the idea of energy localizing in discrete volumetric domains within an existing substantial field. The localized energy becoming volumetrically defined in spherical sources whose volume V over its energy of action results constant

V / Et = K

The second hypothesis differing from Quantum Mechanics only in concept, does not contradict the mathematical and experimental developments of science as it is understood today. I am proposing in this paper a hypotetical new atomic model constructed on  different premises.

 Only a computerized model, I believe could reveal if this concept is viable or not, but if so, many of the unanswered questions (like gravity, action at a distance and the aspects of the electromagnetic waves) can be resolved and clearly understood. As shown in chapter 13 the Planck constant h can be equated to the intensity of the field at rest; the constant of gravity G can be understood as the force of action exercised by an infinitesimal universal particle of the field substance; the Boltzman constant k represents the  energy  in the velocity of transition of a proton source at zero degree Kelvin and at the pressure of one atmosphere.

 I assumed the dimension of the spherical source of the electron and the neutron to be respectively

      re = 10-24 m .                   rN = 12 x 10-24= 1.2 x 10-23 m.

Through a geometrical analysis we can demonstrate why, in the new atomic model proposed, the intensity impulses generated by a neutron source must become prisoners around its center at a determined distance. (see drowing below)The dimension of an atomic nucleus was experimentally determined by Rutherford to vary from

                         10-20 m to 10-15 m

In the hypothesis I made in chap. 7, the implosion wave created by a neutron N at a distance from the source center equal to 10-20 m must have a wavelength dimension dnN 12 times larger than the one created by the electron at the same distance.

 rNn defines the distance from the source center of the n'th  electronic (implosion wave )

dNn (dnN) = 12 x the value of dne = [ 3√(ne+l) - 3 ne] x re

[ 310(10 + 1 - 3 1010 ] estimated  by me to be equal to 10-6 m.

10-6 x 10-24 = 10-30 m.        dNn (dnN+1) = 12 x 10-29 = 1.2 x 10-28 m

             (see figure A,B,C,X)


At a distance from the source center of l0-20 m. the implosion wave is equal to X.   

I have estimated than in a neutron the wavelength dN at a distance rN from the source center is approximately equal to 1.2 x 10-28 m.       

dn = X  aprox. 1.2 x 10-28 m              A = 10-20 m       A^2 = 10^-40 m^2

In the rectangular triangle [ABC]   A2+ B2 = C2       B2= C2- A2   (Pythagorean)

From the drawing C2 = A2 + X2     X2  assumed 1.2 x 10-56m     C2= A2 + 2(AX) +

 +X ^2         c^2 = 10^- 40 + 2 x 10^-56 = 2 x 10 ^-96  m.

B=   2√2(AX) x 2+A2  =  B ^2 = 1.25 x 20 ^-28        B = .0.0001118 x 10^4 x 10^-28 = 0.0001118 x

10 ^-24 m            B = 1.118 x 10 ^4 x 10 ^-28 = 1.118  x 10 -24

X^2 = 3 x 10-58 m is so small that we can omit it from the equation

X = 1.2 x 10-58 m    B^2 =  1.25 x 10-58 m ^2 = 1.5x 10--58m

B approx. 1.5 x 10-29 m  =1500 x 10 ^-3 x 10 ^-24 = 1.5 x 10 ^-24 m.

A Neutron pulse is equal to 12 x 1 / 8 x 10-24 m = 1.5 x 10-24 m

If my assumptions are right, the side B of the rectangular triangle, AB is equal to the dimension of a neutron or proton intensity pulse. At a distance of 10-20 m the intensity pulses radiated by a neutron or proton sources have, under the influence of the implosion waves acquired, on each of the rotating planes, a circular trajectory around the source center, revealing the dimension of a proton previously experimentally estimated by Rutherford. If we accept this new vision of the Universe, we must conceive every form of matter as energy manifesting itself in the substance of the field. This energy must be organized and directed by an entity that cannot be but the expression of God in the natural world and will to guide it in His desired direction. The desire existing in men for things that represent beauty, goodness and love are the will of God directing the human soul toward his fully desired end. 


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