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Considering the force of gravity

In proposing a possible new atomic model, I made the assumption that the implosion forces generated by a source in the surrounding field create a shift )possibly the Eather Wind of Lorenz) in the infinitesimal particles of its substance that must rush-in, in order to reestablish the original intensity balance. This shift expanding throughout the field creates as some result implosion waves expanding outward with the velocity of light C. Within a distance from the source center of less then:10-10 m. the supposed dimension of an atom (since RUtherford)the implosion waves proceed with a decreasing dimension d but with a constant negative energy of action Et. The dimension d, defining the implosion ''waves, diminishes in a ratio proportional to a function of the cubic root of its distance from the source center while the energy of action Et constituting the force of action within a shifting wave will remain constant at a value equal to to the constantK.

 The constant K is equal to V / Et multiplied by the unit of volmne in GeV-3 (see a new constant V / Et)

At a distance from the source grater than 10-10 m.the implosion wave will change its character. The wavelength dimension d having reached the minimwn possible value defined by a field particle domain its value will remain constant at 10-53 m. While the negative intensity of the field shift will, with an increasing distance rn. from the source center, tend to the energy of the field at rest K = h x GeV ^-3 =

10^-24 GeV x sec x GeV ^-3

The intensity increase represents the incremental vanishing of the vacuum created in the field by the source implosion that proceeds now in a function of the square root of its distance from the source(See the description of implosion waves on chapter 6). I have called these waves gravity waves A difference can be immediately established between the intensity impulses, the implosion waves the gravity waves and the electromagnetic waves through the characteristics of the respective energy radiating into the field. The energy of an intensity impulse has a positive value equal to about half the energy of the imploding source as a whole, its linear wavelength dimension equal to the source spherical diameter. The energy contained in an Electromagnetic wave, in a similarity with the intensity impulses, is also composed by pulses of positive energy repeating into a linear electromagnetic wave of specific wavelengths, (see chap. 9). Each wave is possessing an energy that when multiplied by C / t is always equal to the Planck constant h. The Implosion wave is spherical in character (see description) and possesses an energy value that is always negative (below the intensity of the field, therefore representing in my vew an attracting force)

This wave, (like all the others mentioned before) is expanding at a velocity equal to C. While the intensity impulses and the electromagnetic waves represent, so to speak, linear Pulses of compression following each other at a distance equal to the radius of the source, the Implosion and Gravity waves represent exclusively waves of rarefaction producing, a physical attraction toward the source.If the calculations on chapter 14, is correct, it will show that, in our hypothesis, the Electron source, must have a spherical radius equal to 10^-24 m. .The dimension dei at the distance  from the Electron  source center rei is equal to dei. The dimension of dNi generated by a nucleus at the same distance will be 12 times the size of dei, being equal therefore to the energy contained in the electron first gravity wave has an intensity value, equal (when measured in GeV) to a negative value of 12.2 time de the energy of action found in the Planck constant h multiplied by a volume of the field equal to1GeV-3.

-Eei = -h x GeV-3  x sec.

At a greater distance from the source the gravity waves possess a diminishing intensity value while maintaining a constant wavelength dNi, with an action resulting in a force in all respect similar to the force of gravity described by Newton, a force that is directly proportional to the masses involved, and inversely proportional to the square of their distance, a force that by its mechanical nature tends to move the masses toward each other. The gravity wave produced by Neutron and Proton sources have an intensity equal to a corresponding Electron-generated wave, but its wavelength dNi is 12 times the corresponding Electron wavelength in Size.

When several nuclei combine in the formation of a mass of a certain size, each one of them contributing implosion waves subsequently developing in gravity waves, their combined force will produce a common gravitational pull According to Newton the force Fg exerted by two masses M and m, must act in every direction from the center of the masses considered, so that the distances separating them must be taken from the respective centers of gravity. An implosion wave with a wavelength dNi 12 times bigger than di, represents the gravity wave produced by a Nucleon with a force of action possessing an energy 1836 times those originated by the Electron.

 A mass composed of n nucleons will create a total implosion wave with a linear dimension equal to 12 x dei x n forming around the mass  surface. with an intensity in its force of action at that point equal to 1836 h x n that is tending now to zero in a function of the square of the distance from the centers of the mass. The mass of the earth was estimated at 6 x 1027 grams representing

10 51 nucleons Able to produce at the level of its surface an acceleration g that was measured at 9.8 meter/sec2

We can now with a new understanding of the gravitational forces define the acceleration g as a result of the gravity waves generated by the sum of all the Earth nucleons. In physical mechanics  a force f is equal to a mass m multiplyed by an acceleration a squared.

 f = ma. equation Fg = Ma, we can interpret Fg for being the force acting on a Nucleon of mass M necessary to accelerate it 9.8 m. per sec 2 .  

The mass of a nucleon measured in natural units is equal approximately to 1 GeV; the acceleration 9.8 m/sec 2 transformed in natural units is:

       1m = 10 -15 GeV-1    1 sec = 10 -24 GeV-1  

1 sec 2 = 10 - ^-48 GeV ^-2

The acceleration g in natural units is:

9.8 x  10 ^-15 GeV ^-1 / 10 ^ -48 GeV ^-2

9.8 x ^-63 GeV


the mass M of a Nucleon is equal to 1 GeV


Fg = 9.8 x 10 ^-63  GeV ^-2          

If the force Fg necessary to accelerate a nucleon 9.8 meter by second squared represents the force of gravity at the earth surface, let us look for a connection between this force and the shifting action of the gravity waves that I described. If the number of Nucleons composing the earth is 3.75 x 10 51 and the dimension of dNi is 12 x 10-53 m, all the nucleons acting together must produce a comprehensive gravity wave at the earth surface with a dimension equal to:

3.75 x 10 -48 GeV^-2  x 12 x 10 -53 GeV ^-1= 4.5 x 10 -100GeV ^-1=

= 4.5 x 10 ^-100GeV       4.5 x 10 ^-65 m.

The gravity wavelength at the earth surface is:

4.5 x 10 ^55 m. = 4.5 x 10^70 GeV^-1

The required time in GeV for an electromagnetic wave to cross that distance at a velocity C=1 is than also equal to that value. The energy of action contained in the earth first gravity wave is negative and equal to:

              Et = -(4.5 x 10 ^-69 GeV x 12 x GeV-3)                             

The inverse of the force of action exercised by the Earth can be expressed:

Fg= 12 x 10 ^-69 GeV x GeV /4.5 x 10 ^-69GeV -1       

Fg = 2.66 x 10 ^-69 GeV = 2.66 x 10 ^15 m. which is in m, also a value given to h by Planck


2.66 x 10 x GeV ^-3  represents in natural units the force of action necessary to accelerate one nucleon 9.8 meter per second 2. The pull of gravity at the surface of the earth can therefore be understood in the new atomic model as the negative energy of all the nucleons composing it divided by the wavelength of the first gravity wave created by them at the earth surface. These algebraic calculations are correctly connecting the force of gravity to the comprehensive attraction of all the nucleons constituting the Earth will also prove that the new hypothesis made may be also correct.


 Considering the Force of Gravity - Existence of a new General law

V/Et = constant

I think that I proved the existence of a General law: The volume V of any source of Energy of action Et over the total Et is constant in every source and equal to , the Plank constant h x second x the unity in space volume in Natural Units
GeV -3

In first analysing the Nucleus of an Hydrogen ATOM or a Proton whose radius was known since tne daies of Rutherford to be equal to 10^-20 m.. In Natural Units = 10^-20 x 10^15 GeV^-1

= 10^5 GeV^-1    Et = 1GeV per second = 1GeV x 10^-24 GeV^-1

VP = 4.188 x 10 ^60 m^3 Since 1 m^3 = 10^ -45 GeV^-3

VP =10^-63 m. ^-3            10 ^15 GeV = h GeV ^-3

*Thevalue h x GeV^-3 in my vew its also the energy of he Field at rest. (h representing the Plank constant)

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